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Churches in Africa in 100 years

In 1913 the first missionaries send by the Danish Sudanmission came to Nigeria.
Since then more than 475 missionaries have been in Nigeria, Cameroun, Sierra Leone, Mali, The Centralafrican Republic and other places.
Most of them brought cameras. Others brought filmcameras and taperecorders.

For more than 100 years pictures, footage and sounds have been taken and recorded of the people the missionaries lived and worked among in Africa. Not many have had the opportunity to see or listen to this material. Untill now.

A group of former missionaries have been working for some years to localize and digitize this unique material. The first results can be seen here. And much more are to come!

Currently there are the following items in the archive:

3596 images
37 texts
2 sound recordings
115 films

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